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The Great Paint Debate

Woodchuk is not sponsored by any brand. The following are our OWN opinions formed from years in the trade. We did not receive any compensation for this post.

Paint is a super controversial thing. It is almost as bad as tool brands! Everyone has their favorite and they are willing to die on that hill of who they think is the best. And honestly that's OK! Paint is not 1 size fits all and there are so many different kinds it can get very confusing very fast. Always use what YOU are comfortable with and use the best YOU can afford. With that being said here are OUR opinions when it comes to the crazy world of paint.

So lets start off with Brands. Sherwin Williams, Dunn Edwards, Benjamin Moore, Behr, Valspar, and Glidden. These are the main ones everyone seems to know and has heard of at some point. They are all easily accessible and have different sheens and grades. The average home owner may think paint is paint, its all the same and buying the more expensive stuff DOESNT mean its better. But from the perspective of a contractor that has painted more things than they care to count, trust us. It matters.

As a company, we refuse to use Glidden. Its absolute garbage and a waste of money. We have never used high grade Valspar paint, but the lower grades we also refuse to use. We had a job last year to install and paint some shiplap, and our client insisted on supplying their own paint. We did 2 coats of primer, grabbed the can she supplied for us and went at it. Seven, yes I said SEVEN, coats later, you could still see the primer under the layers of paint. It was a complete waste of money and time for everyone involved. As a rule of thumb, never buy the cheaper paint. Behr's "Marquee" and "Dynasty" are great. They tend to be pretty thick so make sure to do thin coats. Sherwin William's paint is fine, not our favorite but it gets the job done. The problem with Sherwin Williams is the employees. I have personally never been in a SW that wasn't rude to homeowners and contractors alike. They don't seem to want your business so I don't want to give them business.

Our top pick and the brand we tell clients we prefer to use is Benjamin Moore. Their low end paint is called "Ultra Spec" and for a low grade paint, it is a dream to use. "Ben" is also a great option. "Advance" and "Regal" are perfect for cabinets, doors and trim because they are incredibly durable. "Scuff-X" is perfect for people with children because it can be scrubbed without damaging the paint. Honestly we haven't used a Benjamin Moore product that we didn't fall in love with.

Painting can be SO expensive and because of that we really encourage people to use the highest quality of paint that they can afford. There is nothing worse than having to go back to the store to buy more, or spend days painting seven coats of paint on a wall because you purchased a low quality can.

If you ever have any questions when it comes to which paint to use, feel free to send us a message or contact you local paint store!

Happy Painting!

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